The KSA regulatory authority wanted to launch a comprehensive training programme for new National recruits to help them build their professional capabilities and to ensure they are well-qualified to join the business stream of their choice. They partnered with us keeping in mind our regional track record of upskilling young professionals to become future business leaders.


We designed, developed and delivered a bespoke highflyer graduate programme aimed at upskilling 100 Saudi nationals. The programme comprised of:

  • Leadership, finance and business skills experiential courses
  • Professional qualifications from recognised professional bodies (Internal Audit- Accounting and Project Management)
  • Capstone projects: These are real work based projects that help in measuring ROI on the programme
  • Confidence based knowledge pre and post assessments
  • On-the-job experience that helped graduates progress in the Authority
  • Coaching for the managers so they are capable to help new hires excel in their roles
  • E-Learns: Customised learning modules


76 Saudi graduates were successfully trained and developed. Overall satisfaction rate was 85% based on actual feedback received from the participants. Our client was extremely satisfied and evaluated the project as a 10 on 10 - 100% feedback score.

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