Our trainers reflect the strength and diversity of PwC’s global network. They build on their regional experience, industry expertise and business acumen to address the knowledge and skills gaps of our clients and create the right learning solution for maximum impact.

  • AbdelHamid Attalla

    AbdelHamid Attalla

    AbdelHamid is a tax specialist trainer with 30+ years of experience as a consultant and an industry expert.

  • Ahmed

    Ahmad Inchassi

    Ahmad is a trainer with 7+ years of experience in corporate training design, specialising in user enablement and learning methodologies.

  • Ahmed Alhelo

    Ahmed Alhelo

    Ahmed is a senior cybersecurity consultant and trainer with 18+ years of experience in information technology implementation, consulting and training.

  • Akvile Pareigyte

    Akvile Pareigyte

    Akvile is a digital marketing consultant and trainer with 15+ years of experience in the region as marketing lead and digital education specialist.

  • Ali Mehdi

    Ali Mehdi

    Ali is our Senior Manager and head of tax training at PwC Middle East. He specialises in Taxation and Financial Reporting (IFRS) with special focus on GCC Direct and Indirect Tax landscape.He holds over 12 years of experience in designing and delivering trainings and consultations for clients.

  • Profile

    Alicja Reuben

    Alicja is a corporate finance, management and transfer pricing expert with 12+ years of experience as industry practitioner and trainer.

  • Ana Siman

    Ana Siman

    Ana is a senior tax expert and industry practitioner with several years of experience working as an advisor in Big 4 firms and in the aviation industry.

  • Anas

    Anas Homad Sultan

    Anas is a Regional Director at PwC Academy ME and is based in KSA, he is an industry practitioner with 20+ years of experience in establishing Internal Audit, Risk Management and Corporate Governance functions.

  • Anu Liza Thomas

    Anu Liza Thomas

     Anu is a senior professional finance and accounting trainer with 6+ years of experience in upskilling professionals and graduates in professional finance qualifications.

  • Ashtush

    Ashutosh Yegnanarayanan

    Ashutosh is a Manager at PwC’s Academy with significant experience within investment and corporate finance management.

  • placeholder

    Ayman Albarbary

    Ayman is a digital marketing trainer with 10+ years of experience. His practical knowledge stems from working on the client and agency side.

  • Ayman Hasan

    Ayman Hasan

    Ayman is a senior finance and accounting trainer with 20+ years of experience in delivering financial auditing, accounting advisory, and IFRS training.

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