The client wanted a practical, outcome oriented training programme for senior level decision makers and next-in-line business unit leaders on the significance of ethics and the code of conduct in their respective roles, as well as its implications and application within the organisation.


We customised a 4 day intensive learning experience for 40 participants from the Supply Chain and Finance teams. They learnt how to develop an ethical decision making framework, how to manage conflict within business, and how to bring ethics to reality. 

The participants were divided into 4 teams for personalised attention and impactful learning. We developed a gamified learning approach with a customised board game for the client. In addition, the participants learnt industry best practices from regional case studies and applied their learning through engagement platform Kahoot. The training was delivered by a bi-lingual senior strategic supply chain professional with extensive regional industry experience who received a 95% positive feedback score.


At the end of the training, all participants received a certificate of completion from PwC’s Academy. The training received great feedback from the participants and the sponsors alike with a net promoter score of 90%. What particularly stood out for the participants were the learning techniques that enabled retention which they were confident would have a direct positive impact on their on-the-job performance.

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