Our client, one of the largest banks in the MiddleEast, was undergoing a long digital transformation journey to maintain their lead in the market. To enable their transformation agenda, they wanted to bring their business users onboard and to digitally upskill them to prepare for the new digital era. They partnered with us to design and deliver a programme for one of their National branch and Junior Managers.


Aligning to the client request, we designed a workshop for the bank managers that included an introduction to digital transformation and why it was an important step for the bank. The workshop covered important topics such as the importance of data, the new AI and Blockchain technologies and how these technologies are reshaping the different verticals in the banking industry (e.g. capital management, wealth management, insurance, etc.). We also used the Blockchain Experience game to simplify Blockchain concepts and engage the audience.


We have so far trained 70 managers and more sessions are scheduled in the future. The participants shared feedback that the programme made them knowledgeable about digital solutions and gave them direction on how to explore these for their respective areas. They said they felt empowered and a part of the overall transformation journey.

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