Established in the region for almost a decade, PwC's Academy is led by a dynamic senior leadership team of industry veterans and upskilling experts. Their experience, both globally and in the Middle East, helps shape learning solutions that address the skills gap in the region and are suited to the learning preferences of the GCCs workforce.

  • Samar

    Samar Sayegh

    PwC Partner and PwC’s Academy ME Leader
  • Gav

    Gavin Aspden

    PwC Partner and Professional Development Head
  • Taimur

    Taimur Ali Mir

    PwC Partner and Professional Qualifications Head
  • Essa Dalloul

    Essa Dalloul

    Director - Digital and Cyber upskilling
  • Jouhaina Sarieddine

    Jouhaina Sarieddine

    Director - Business Generation
  • Maryam AlBakri

    Maryam AlBakri

    Director and Oman, Qatar Academy Leader

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