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In conversation with Mili Raju, an ACCA Affiliate

1. Why did you pursue the ACCA qualification?

Among the many reasons I chose to pursue ACCA, one of the most important one was the great deal of flexibility it offers in terms of what pace you want to study at as compared to other qualifications. Not only is it recognised by employers worldwide, it also gives you the opportunity to choose an area to specialise in and showcase your expertise.

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced in your exam prep?

In conversation with Sufyan Sohail, an ACCA Affiliate

Why did you choose ACCA?

I recognised my inclination towards accounting very early on in high school and attaining the ACCA certification seemed like the right decision. It turned out to be a perfect fit, not only has it complemented my stronger areas, but it also deepened my understanding of the field.

What is the most important exam tip you can give to students at the Academy? 

In conversation with Neel Kamal Puri, ACCA student at PwC’s Academy

Did you think that you would become a prize-winner for F9?

I was expecting a good result since the mocks I wrote seemed promising. I have tried to keep my focus on the subject rather than purely scoring marks. This helps me be confident of what I answer on the exam.

What was your key motivator when studying?

In conversation with Sufyan Sohail, F7 prize winner

What motivated you  to strive for the F7 paper?

Motivation for me came from various different channels, including my instructors and most importantly, my family. F7 on its own required rigorous practice, however, what really stood out this term for me personally was my lecturer, Huzefa Hydrie. Be it the style of teaching or the breakdown of complex material into several smaller chunks, all of it is truly commendable.

What is the most important tip from your side for students at the Academy to excel in the exams?

In conversation with Maha Naseem, P6 prize winner

What motivated you to strive for the P6 paper?
P6 was my last ACCA paper and although it has not been a popular option, I decided to take it up and I have to say it was a great decision. At first the paper did seem very intimidating due to the lengthy syllabus and tons of details, following a structured approach, consistent hard work and of course having Jenny's support as a lecturer made P6 much easier.

In conversation with Zeeshan Anwar Toor, An IMA member and CMA student with PwC’s Academy.

An IMA member and CMA student with PwC’s Academy, Zeeshan is a true inspiration to all CMA students. As he prepped for the crucial CMA exam, he also commenced his journey to fatherhood. He cleared the CMA with a whopping distinction of 88% (Part 1) and 84% (Part 2) on his first attempt and is now a proud father of a 5 month old son. Here’s his story of how you can balance your professional and personal life, and yet succeed on all fronts.

In conversation with Nicholas Sisnett, Associate CIPD

Why did you choose to study CIPD?

I chose to study the CIPD for three reasons.  First, being from a recruitment background, I was keen to broaden my skillset.  Second, as a member of the recruitment team, I have one primary role in the wider HR function so I wanted to understand the other roles and how recruitment is positioned in relation to these roles. Thirdly, the CIPD is a valuable qualification for all HR professionals and I hope it will open more opportunities in the future.