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In conversation with Sufyan Sohail, F7 prize winner

What motivated you  to strive for the F7 paper?

Motivation for me came from various different channels, including my instructors and most importantly, my family. F7 on its own required rigorous practice, however, what really stood out this term for me personally was my lecturer, Huzefa Hydrie. Be it the style of teaching or the breakdown of complex material into several smaller chunks, all of it is truly commendable.

What is the most important tip from your side for students at the Academy to excel in the exams?

The lecture notes, kit questions particularly the MCQ’s, technical articles online, time management and exam tips given in between the classes made this possible for me and I would recommend the same for other students.

Did you think that you would be a prize-winner for F7?

The main reason behind this distinction was self-belief which was strengthened by my lecturer, who always believed in me that I could get a rank. Thankfully all the pieces fitted in, and I was able to bag a prize for myself, which is fulfilling and makes my CV stand out.


- Sufyan Sohail

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