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In conversation with Maha Naseem, P6 prize winner

What motivated you to strive for the P6 paper?
P6 was my last ACCA paper and although it has not been a popular option, I decided to take it up and I have to say it was a great decision. At first the paper did seem very intimidating due to the lengthy syllabus and tons of details, following a structured approach, consistent hard work and of course having Jenny's support as a lecturer made P6 much easier.

What is the most important tip from your side for students at the Academy to excel in the exams?
If I were to share a tip from my experience, it would definitely be to know yourself, have confidence in your abilities and work hard! Quite often I’ve seen students looking for advice on which paper is the easiest or how long it takes to study or even how to study for a paper, but honestly there is no correct answer to these questions. What might be easy for one person might not be the same for the other, every person has different study patterns and I would advise students to understand what study techniques suit them and keep practicing those.

Did you think that you would be a prize-winner for P6?
Not at all, the month before the exam had been a stressful time and I could not have predicted this at all.My journey to becoming an ACCA Affiliate could not have ended on a better note and I want to take this opportunity to thank the Academy for making it such an enjoyable and memorable experience!


- Maha  Naseem

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