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In conversation with Nicholas Sisnett, Associate CIPD

Why did you choose to study CIPD?

I chose to study the CIPD for three reasons.  First, being from a recruitment background, I was keen to broaden my skillset.  Second, as a member of the recruitment team, I have one primary role in the wider HR function so I wanted to understand the other roles and how recruitment is positioned in relation to these roles. Thirdly, the CIPD is a valuable qualification for all HR professionals and I hope it will open more opportunities in the future.

What does your current job entail and how does CIPD link to it?

I am a recruitment and global mobility manager at PwC Middle East with full responsibility for sourcing and recruiting candidates into a number of business units.   The CIPD is relevant to my job as it covers topics that arise on a daily basis such as methods of sourcing, the latest attraction techniques and engagement with internal stakeholders.

How has the CIPD qualification helped you enhance your professional capabilities?  Give some examples where you used the CIPD knowledge in your work at PwC?

The course has encouraged me to study the latest HR theories and methodologies. One of the teams I support is the People & Organisation consulting team who typically hire people who have the CIPD qualification.  I am now able to have informed conversations with this team and am also able to identify and suggest suitable candidates. 

What were the highlights of the CIPD classes for you?  Was there any particular session or a quote from a trainer that stands out?

The highlight of the course was the lecturers. Ro was a fantastic lecturer who facilitated interactive and interesting weekly classes and was skilled at contextualizing the theory we were studying.  For the final two modules, Bill took over and he brought a different perspective which focused more on HR metrics.  Their combined knowledge, experience and enthusiasm created the perfect learning environment.

Why should HR professionals pursue CIPD?  What’s your advice to them?

I recommend the CIPD course to HR professionals because, whilst it is a serious commitment, I have learnt an incredible amount that I am now able to apply in practice.  Having completed the course, I feel like I can provide better service to my clients through informed advice. My suggestion to HR professionals is that they should look into the CIPD offerings as this may help them with their career progression just like it has done for me. 



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