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Businesses with revenue over USD 100,000 must comply with the VAT regulations in UAE. As part of the introduction of VAT in the UAE, the Financial Tax Authority (FTA) identified an immediate requirement for Tax Agents.  The FTA Tax Agent Exam is mandatory if you wish to fulfill this role. By completing the FTA Tax Agent Exam and becoming a qualified Tax Agent, you can support the organisations that need to comply with the new VAT regulations. The exam is based on the UAE VAT compliance Diploma, offered exclusively by PwC’s Academy Middle East.

Since the introduction of VAT in the GCC, we have provided 5000+ candidates like you the knowledge and skills to implement the VAT legislation for the country and their respective organisation and enabled them to ensure that their businesses are tax compliant.

The VAT Compliance Diploma is a globally recognised tax qualification awarded by the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT). This is offered in exclusive partnership with Tolley, the leading provider worldwide of practical tax training. With this Diploma, you will gain in-depth practical knowledge of the VAT legislation and the application of the framework in your country.

The syllabus and certification is tailored to the respective legislation in the GCC:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Oman 
  • Bahrain
5000+ tax professionals trained
Tolley learning materials
Experienced Tax practitioners as trainers
Training Material
Multiple learning options
Multiple jurisdictions in GCC

Who is it for?

This is the right choice for you if you are a Tax manager, Finance manager, a Tax lawyer or consultant responsible for the administration of VAT in your organisation or if you are in a VAT regulatory role in the private or public sector.

It can also be a great booster to earn the Diploma if you are exploring a career as a tax professional.

Note: The UAE VAT Compliance Diploma is one of the mandatory requirements to become a Tax Agent in UAE.

FTA - Who
FTA - What will you learn

How do I earn the VAT Compliance Diploma?

The programme is designed to suit learning preferences of professionals. You complete four practical modules in-class through learning and testing, and earn the diploma by attempting a final exam. You can also choose a self-study programme to suit your pace of learning.

When you have completed the final diploma exam, you will be awarded the VAT Compliance Diploma from the Association of Taxation Technicians*. The certificate will be specific to the country for which you have been examined.

Note: The designatory letters "ATT" cannot be put after your name when you complete the VAT Compliance Diploma.

*In order to earn the VAT Compliance Diploma (non UK), participants must register as a student with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) at

How do I register for the exam?

Follow these steps to register for the VAT Compliance Diploma (non-UK):

  1. Log in to the Association of Taxation Technicians website
  2. Register as a new student
  3. Enter home and work address details
  4. Select the jurisdiction paper you will sit for
  5. Complete payment for VAT Compliance Diploma Student Registration – 3 years: £50

You will receive an email from ATT once registered as a student. You can get more information here:

Note: Exam modules A,B,C,D must be taken in order and passed BEFORE you can register for the Final exam.

CMI - More about qual

Course structure

Module A:
Learn the fundamental principles of VAT application, from general principles and registration to the definition of supplies.
Module B:
Understand the key elements of accounting for VAT, from time of supply to VAT records and returns.
Module C:
Learn compliance rules around VAT, including penalties, refunds and international goods and services.
Module D
Learn about VAT compliance in relation to real estate and capital assets, excise tax and about the role of the Tax Agent.

More about the Qualification

The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) is the leading professional body for providing UK tax compliance services. Their primary charitable objective is to promote education and the study of tax administration and practice. One of the key aims of ATT is to provide an appropriate qualification for individuals who undertake tax compliance work. ATT has over 8,300 Members and Fellows, and over 5,000 students. Members use the practising title ‘Taxation Technician’ or ‘Taxation Technician (Fellow)’ respectively. To know more about ATT, please click here:

FTA - About

Meet our trainers


  • UAE VAT Compliance Diploma - G40 - Live Online and Face to Face

    UAE VAT Compliance Diploma - G40 - Live Online and Face to Face

    10 sessions
    9182 AED
    9182 AED
  • UAE VAT Compliance Diploma - G39 - Live Online and Face to Face

    UAE VAT Compliance Diploma - G39 - Live Online and Face to Face

    10 sessions
    9182 AED
    9182 AED
  • UAE VAT Compliance Diploma - G38 - Live Online and Face to Face

    UAE VAT Compliance Diploma - G38 - Live Online and Face to Face

    10 sessions
    9182 AED
    9182 AED
  • UAE Guided Home Study - FTA Tax Agent Exam

    UAE Guided Home Study - FTA Tax Agent Exam

    Self Study
    4389 AED
    4389 AED

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