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GCC VAT Compliance Diploma
GCC VAT Compliance Diploma
Get ready for VAT in the GCC
Get ready for VAT in the GCC

The GCC VAT Compliance Diploma is a globally recognised tax qualification offered by the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT).

Businesses with revenue of over USD 100,000 must register and be ready for VAT implementation and compliance by 1 January 2018. To help organisations build and demonstrate tax capability and to ensure that their employees have a detailed understanding of GCC VAT Legislation and its application, PwC is pleased to offer the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma. This is offered in exclusive partnership with Tolley, the leading provider worldwide of practical tax training.We offer the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma in UAE and KSA as a public programme and this can be customised for in-house requirements.

Compliance Diploma
Compliance Diploma
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study options
GCC VAT Compliance Diploma

Participants of the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma programme will gain an in-depth practical knowledge of the GCC VAT legislation and get a clear understanding of the principles of VAT and application of the legislation.

The programme is taught in a modular format and is split into four manageable sections of learning and testing, followed by a final diploma exam. Participants can choose from one of the multiple study options to suit their own pace of learning.

Participants will gain:

  • Comprehensive training by tax specialists and industry experts
  • Assignments and practice questions to prepare for assessments
  • Access to online learning resources and mock assessments
  • The option to choose the timing of the online examination
  • Access to VAT experts from PwC

On successful completion of the final diploma exam participants will be awarded the VAT Compliance Diploma from the Association of Taxation Technicians**.

** In order to earn the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma, participants must register with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) by visiting the following website https://vcd.att.org.uk/ and pay an initial registration fee of £50. Check the ATT Registration procedure tab for more details.

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GCC VAT Compliance Diploma

We offer multiple study options to suit the diverse time commitments and learning styles of professionals:



GCC VAT Compliance Diploma

The GCC VAT Compliance Diploma is ideal for tax managers, finance managers, for tax professionals responsible for administration of VAT and for those in a VAT regulatory role in the private or public sector.

It is suitable for anyone who wants a detailed understanding of the GCC VAT Framework and its application in their organisation.

About Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT):

The Association of Taxation Technicians is a charity and is the leading professional body for those providing UK tax compliance services. Their primary objective is to promote education and the study of tax administration and practice. One of their key aims is to provide an appropriate qualification for individuals who undertake tax compliance work.

The Association has over 8,300 members and Fellows, together with over 5,000 students. Members and Fellows use the practising title 'Taxation Technician' or 'Taxation Technician (Fellow)' respectively. The members are qualified by examination and practical experience. They commit to the highest standards of professional conduct and ensure that their tax knowledge is constantly kept up to date. Members may be found in private practice, commerce and industry, government and academia. To know more about ATT, please click here: https://www.att.org.uk/


Participants must complete the following steps to register as a student for the VAT Compliance Diploma (non UK):

  • Step 1: Login to the Association of Taxation Technicians website
  • Step 2: Register as a new student. Enter personal details
  • Step 3: Enter Home and Work address details
  • Step 4: Select the jurisdiction paper you will sit for
  • Step 5: Complete payment for VAT Compliance Diploma Student Registration – 3 years : £50
  • Participants will receive an email from ATT once registered as a student.

For more information, please go to https://www.att.org.uk/our-qualifications/att-vat-compliance-diploma

Note: Exam modules A,B,C,D must be taken in order and passed BEFORE you can register for the Final exam.

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Course structure

The programme is split into four manageable modules of learning and testing, followed by a final diploma exam.

Module A

In this module, participants will cover:

  • General principles
  • Registration
  • Definition of supplies
  • Liability of supply
  • Zero rating
  • Exemption
  • Deemed and self supplies
  • Value of the supply

Module B

In this module participants will cover:

  • Time of supply
  • Input tax -when to recover
  • Partial exemption
  • VAT records and returns
  • Accounting for VAT
  • Bad debt relief

Module C

In this module participants will cover:

  • International aspects -goods
  • International aspects –services
  • Penalties for errors and omissions
  • Refunds, repayments and other charges
  • The authority powers, appeals and assessments

Module D

In this module participants will cover:

  • Transfers of ownership of a business
  • VAT groups
  • Special schemes for VAT
  • Land and buildings
  • Capital goods -special schemes
  • Excise tax
  • Role of a tax agent


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