The Human Capability Development Program, one of the key Vision Realisation Programmes of KSA Vision 2030 aims to ensure that citizens have the required capabilities to compete globally by instilling values and developing basic and future skills, as well as enhancing knowledge. The Human Resources community plays a critical role in enabling this vision. Now more than ever before, people professionals play a strategic role in their organisations as drivers of change - by maximising employee productivity, recruiting and retaining talent, and enabling workforce efficiencies.

The demand for qualified HR professionals continues to grow, with organisations investing heavily in upskilling and reskilling to build their future workforce for sustained growth and transformation.  

The Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD) qualifications set the international standard for people professionals.  The CIPD qualifications give participants the practical skills that employers are looking for and also gives access to the CIPD membership, connecting participants to a deeply informed and influential network of people professionals worldwide - and a path to life-long learning.
We are a CIPD Approved Centre in the Middle East, with a growing community in KSA and UAE.

We have trained over 3000+ HR professionals and students across L3 and L5, with a 99% pass rate. 

“Our training programme is designed to develop the talent of the HR practitioners in the Kingdom. 
We combine the industry knowledge with the academic experience of our trainers to develop a complete learning solution and offer unparalleled support to participants throughout their CIPD journey to ensure they have have the knowledge, skills and training you need to become CIPD qualified and enable them to not only excel in the classroom but at the workplace as well”- Failan Saleem, head of CIPD qualifications.

“My motivation to start the CIPD journey was to stay up to date with the new HR knowledge and practices and most importantly, to keep up with Saudi Arabia's rapid developments. The qualification has supported me by providing the current information and approaches in the areas of employee engagement, incentive management, talent management and planning. It also assisted me in assessing, analysing, and comprehending the external aspects that influenced employee and organisational performance.”Abdullah Aljehani

“I believe, CIPD is an ideal qualification for all People professionals, because the qualification covers a wide array of HR fundamentals and is well recognized amongst employers as a global standard of excellence. Moreover, no matter where you are in your career, the qualification equips you with the strategies you need to boost your career and make a difference in your workplace”. Shafraz Ghouse 

The upskilling journey of Saudi nationals towards becoming CIPD qualified is supported by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in form of rebates to those pursuing the CIPD qualification. Learn more on the HRDF website.

Get in touch with our CIPD KSA team to learn more about our CIPD qualifications and our corporate sponsorships. 

Looking for a CIPD qualification outside KSA? Click here.





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