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PwC’s Academy introduces new CIM Postgraduate qualification

PwC’s Academy is pleased to offer the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing, a new qualification introduced by CIM for marketers based outside the UK. The game changing new curriculum gears international marketers to leverage the disruptive market place with digital as a key emerging driver. The entrepreneurial change model focus on managers who create transformational change in a disruptive marketplace. The programme further addresses the growing need for an entrepreneurial approach to business leadership.

Work for a cause!

One of the core values of PwC is ‘Care’. As a firm we are invested in creating an environment of empathy for the employees and those around us.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan, PwC launched the ‘Saahem initiative'. This initiative is undertaken to collect essential foods for those who are less fortunate to make the month of fasting easier for them.

PwC's Academy Middle East partners with GEMS Education

In April 2018, PwC's Academy Middle East was pleased to announce the partnership with GEMS Education as part of the prestigious UniConnect programme.

“We are delighted to be working with GEMS to deliver professional programmes to young high school graduates. We are passionate about helping students get a professional qualification and the knowledge and skills that employers need. This gives them choices in terms of their future careers and we know that having choices can change lives.”  said Amanda Line, Partner at PwC's Academy Middle East.

PwC's Academy Entrepreneur’s Weekend

University students battle it out at PwC’s Academy’s Entrepreneur Weekend!

PwC’s Academy hosted its first inter-university competition, the Entrepreneur’s weekend on 3rd and 4th February 2018. Starting off with a business quiz, students were tested on their general awareness of the business world. The eight teams participating were locked in an intense battle and the five surviving teams continued on to the next phase: the Employability board game.

PwC's Academy ACCA December 2017 results

We take this opportunity to congratulate our ten affiliates who completed their ACCA journey in December 2017. Their testimonials are a source of joy to trainers, operations team members, programme advisors and the students as we all share in their success. While we are heartened by their wonderful comments about the Academy, we would like to celebrate them for the time and effort it has taken to complete their ACCA exams.  

YES, we can!

Waking up to the real world is the bad end of an amazing dream. And as a student with exam nightmares, it’s even worse. But on 3 December, life was perfect as my dreams and reality merged into one. It was the first day of my internship at PwC, something I had been working towards for the past five months.