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 YES, we can

Waking up to the real world is the bad end of an amazing dream. And as a student with exam nightmares, it’s even worse. But on 3 December, life was perfect as my dreams and reality merged into one. It was the first day of my internship at PwC, something I had been working towards for the past five months.

When I joined the YES programme, I was awed and excited by it. The classroom was familiar, but the prospect of working in PwC; being part of a real corporate and doing a real job was daunting and yet so thrilling. “It’s amazing and so unique. We get to apply what we learn and a real feel of what it’s like to work in a Big Four Firm. I learnt so much about communication, emotional intelligence, self-discipline and time management” said one of our seniors. These words really inspired me to overcome my nervous jitters and embrace the unfamiliarity of the internship. And I am so glad that my own experience met upto these expectations and more.

Just three weeks into the internship, I got an insight into the workings of the real corporate world. My batchmates and I learnt the core audit, and more importantly we got a taste of the nuances of working in a team in a formal organisational structure. We loved the effort our managers and team members put in to make sure that we understood what we were doing. They never made us feel like rookies and created an atmosphere conducive to learning.

And of course, there was no better highlight than receiving our first paycheck – it was a surreal experience – something we earned through our blood, sweat and tears (dramatic sigh here!) It was not easy sailing. A change in routine, sudden sense of responsibility, understanding that there are far reaching consequences to our actions made it seem daunting and made us feel grown up. But the exposure and learning experience has been well worth it. At the age of 18, I am proud and confident to say “YES! I can” to any challenge that life will bring my way.

By Veda Manikonda 


About the YES programme

PwC's Young Employable Scholar (YES) Programme is a 36 monthone-of-its-kind corporate readiness programme in the region. A unique mix of professional qualifications and professional experience, this programme will increase your employability quotient by furthering your educational background with ACCA and by enhancing your business acumen through a guaranteed one year internship at PwC Assurance, and a range of behaviouraltechnical and employability skills training. Learn more about the programme.


Should you have more questions about the YES programme, or want to setup a free consultation, contact us at +971 4 515 7200 or email academyme ~3#$A~ ae &D06s& pwc &D06s& com

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