Our trainers reflect the strength and diversity of PwC’s global network. They build on their regional experience, industry expertise and business acumen to address the knowledge and skills gaps of our clients and create the right learning solution for maximum impact.

  • Ayman Hasan

    Ayman Hasan

    Ayman is a senior finance and accounting trainer with 20+ years of experience in delivering financial auditing, accounting advisory, and IFRS training.

  • Cheryl J. Thornton

    Cheryl J. Thornton

    Cheryl is an executive leader and trainer with 25+ years of experience in multi-disciplined and multi-site organisations across UK, IMEA and APAC regions.

  • Christian Farioli

    Christian Farioli

    Christian is a digital marketing consultant with 18+ years of experience specialising in digital transformation projects across industries and countries.

  • Clair Hattle

    Clair Hattle

    Clair is a L&D specialist and instructional designer with 20+ years of experience delivering training across the GCC, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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    Dalia Qarawi

    Dalia is a Tax Manager and Tax Trainer with 6+ years of experience, specialising in various direct and indirect tax regimes.

  • Dr. Samir Abu Tahoun

    Dr Samir Abou Tahoun

    Dr Samir is a senior Information Security expert and trainer with 18+ years of experience in the IT sector in training, implementation, and consulting in EMEA.

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    Failan Saleem

    Failan is a senior leadership and management expert with 25+ years of experience in diverse disciplines across sectors.

  • Fareeha Hussain

    Fareeha Hussain

    Fareeha is senior trainer at PwC’s Academy. Her ability to influence and build trust with students and her approach to simplify difficult concepts has resulted in consistently high pass rates.

  • Freya Ahuja

    Freya Ahuja

    Freya is an experienced tax industry practitioner and trainer with 10+ years of experience in indirect tax.

  • Gavin Aspden

    Gavin Aspden

    Gavin is a PwC Partner and Professional Development Head with 25+ years of experience as an upskilling and assessment specialist.  

  • Geni

    Geni Cabre

    Geni is a strategic procurement trainer with 24 years of industry and training experience.

  • Halil Erdem

    Halil Erdem

    Halil is a senior tax subject matter expert with 10+ years of experience in tax consultancy, implementation and tax training. He brings eight years of consultancy experience to his role as a subject matter expert and as a tax lecturer.

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