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“I am preparing myself for future opportunities”

Monica is a Marketing and Communications consultant with 17 years of experience across Strategy, Marketing Automation, ABM, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and more. Monica has worked with clients across a range of industries including ITeS, Network Security & Surveillance, Aviation, Automobiles, Consumer Electronics, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and Real Estate. She has completed the CIM Level 7 Diploma in Professional Marketing, acquired her MCIM status, and is now pursuing her CMI Level 5 certification.

Why did you decide to pursue CMI after completing CIM?

For the longest time, I was unable to find the right programme to upskill my knowledge and professional capabilities. I came across the CIM qualification through my professional network and became aware of CMI while completing my diploma in marketing. CMI was the natural next step for me to mature my skills in management, and open more avenues in my professional capabilities.

How has your experience with CMI been so far?

This qualification is helping me look at organisational goals and management through a finer lens. The course is guiding me with a better understanding of a management role while also introducing me to a new set of skills that will support me and the team to achieve our goals successfully. I am looking forward to the remaining modules.

How do you think you can benefit from a dual certification?

CIM has provided me with a solid foundation and knowledge in the discipline of marketing while CMI has helped me to work on my management qualities. Both certifications continue to provide me with a strong foundation, and confidence to explore cross-functional and leadership roles in the near future. We all aspire to grow and lead teams to success, and I am confident that through upskilling, I am preparing myself for such future opportunities.