Advance your career with a CIM qualification.

Marketing is a function that nobody understands and everybody thinks they know it better than you do. Marketing is more than just creativity, it now involves number crunching, analytical and technical skills and most traditional marketers have significant competency gaps in these areas.

So is the CIM training worth it? Candidates often ask for advice and want to find ways to improve their skill set and future-proof their career. We always recommend to get the best experience in their core areas and then add on a specific marketing qualification. So if you are serious about marketing and want to get to the front-line the CIM qualification should be your first choice.

Filling the CV Gap

As soon as you recognise your weakness it's your strength.

The CIM qualification can be a prestigious addition to your CV when you find yourself in a situation where all candidates have similar experience and you want to get ahead of the pack or if you have many years of experience in marketing and are looking to add to your competencies. Having the CIM qualification alongside your core experience can help and will be highly favoured by employers. On the other hand, if you want to get into marketing and have no prior experience in marketing or have an unrelated degree – CIM training again can be a great choice.

Passport to success

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world's largest organisation for professional marketers an Ofqual regulated qualifications provider and is accredited by the European Marketing Confederation. It plays a key role in setting industry standards, training and also offers accredited, practice-based qualifications from introductory to advanced level. There is no doubt that the CIM offers internationally recognised qualifications and if you are working abroad having a globally recognised qualification will put you in the consideration zone for international recruiters.

"A gold standard professional qualification from the CIM could give you an edge over other candidates with a similar level of experience and the recognised training credentials will be a plus for recruiters."

Pay rise or Promotion

According to the CIM’s own Marketing Rewards Survey , the average Chartered Institute Marketing member earns around 10% more than a non-qualified member over the course of their career. Marketing is becoming a higher-priority on senior executives’ growth plans. With team sizes increasing and budgets becoming healthier. Moreover digital marketing enables stronger and more tangible analysis of return on investment and with the ability to further justify the impact of marketing, experts predict growth in jobs in these areas. The CIM also has a level 6 Digital diploma where you can get an individual modular award to full qualifications.

"Not only does being CIM qualified/a CIM member give you professional recognition and demonstrate your dedication towards your profession."


Each qualification module can be achieved as an individual award. PwC's Academy offers multiple awards that enable you to upskill in a specialist area or take a flexible approach to your learning, as you’ll be able to complete each module in a time frame that better suits you, eventually achieving the full qualification.

Disruptive Future

2019 will see new investments in marketing underscoring the significant impact of marketing on business strategies. Traditional marketing will see a slow down in recruitment, whereas in an information-driven society digital marketing will see further growth.With marketers focusing more on stronger and more tangible analysis of return on investment marketing professionals ability to further justify the impact of marketing will be critical to sustain advantage.

In Summary

In summary, for strategic marketers to move more fluidly between industries and careers getting a professional qualification is important as companies look to make significant creative changes to marketing plans.

"What you are good at has a very short shelf life."

Get in touch with Failan Saleem, our resident Marketing expert and CIM instructor, to find out how a qualification from the CIM can advance your Marketing career!

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