Upskilling a critical element for future-forward Web3 initiatives encouraging female inclusion

The recently announced partnership between Access Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Investment Office and Unstoppable Domains is an important step in encouraging greater inclusion of women in Web3 activity. This lays the groundwork for greater female participation in Web3 from the get-go. But for real long-term impact, the right knowledge, skills and mindset must be developed in conjunction with initiatives like these to truly enable realistic and sustainable change, according to PwC’s Academy.

Amanda Line, PwC Partner and PwC’s Academy Leader said: “ The new ways of work bring with it the reality that we need to adapt quickly or risk becoming obsolete. Research presented in the Access Abu Dhabi Conference showed  that in the context of Web 3.0, it is  women who are being left behind. 

This initiative enables women to become actively involved in Web3 and NFTs - a space that is going to shape our future. I am a big advocate of such initiatives as they provide the impetus for transformation. But, for the change to be sustainable, we need to map out a clear strategy and action plan to achieve this. The women who benefit from these initiatives need upskilling support to give them the practical tools they need to succeed. Life-long learning will be critical to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

Research conducted by PwC[1] has shown that upskilling drives empowerment and confidence. Having the requisite skills to succeed is often what underpins confidence, and it is this lack of confidence that has been a barrier for many women wanting to step into the relative unknown of Web3.

I lead a business that has been actively future-proofing the workforce in the Middle East, specifically preparing women for technology driven roles to help them become future tech leaders. I am optimistic that this latest initiative will spark an uptick in women in Web3, and I am positive that the right upskilling will enable continued success in this space. 

This article was originally published in Al Bayan

[1] PwC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey


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