Virtual training programmes will develop technical skills for young professionals to serve the nation’s digital economy.

As the UAE continues to enhance its economic security by adopting a digital economy, PwC’s Academy, the talent and skills development business of PwC, has introduced a number of courses tailored for professionals at each stage of their coding journey. In partnership with UK-based digital education pioneer, Code Nation, the qualifications aim to support national initiatives and future strategies in the UAE. Amanda Line, PwC Partner and Academy ME Leader, said: “The speed of adaptation to new needs, technologies and skills has become essential for the success of individuals, organisations and governments. This is immediately visible in countries as ambitious as the UAE, where the leadership has long recognised the crucial role that advanced technology plays in the economic and social progress of the nation. The programmes we have developed with Code Nation are practical, professional and ensure world-class capability for application in our region.” 

This article has also been published in: HR Revolution.

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