PwC’s Academy Middle East was named the ‘Most Innovative Authorized Training Partner’ at the Award Ceremony.

The award recognises the exemplary representation by PwC of CertNexus’ emerging technology training and certification programs and the Academy’s outstanding achievements in delivering future skills for the GCCs digital economy.

PwC’s Academy launched the region’s first qualification for Artificial Intelligence (AI) certified by CertNexus in 2020. Aiming to bridge a widening skills gap, the qualification for Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP), equips local talent with the knowledge and skills for practical application of AI in the workplace.

Amanda Line, Partner, PwC’s Academy said: “Digital training is an integral element of our training portfolio, and has been for a number of years. This reflects the alignment of PwC’s Academy with many initiatives introduced by the governments across the GCC, including the UAE Government’s Strategy for Artificial Intelligence centred on making the UAE the first in the field of AI across diverse sectors driving the economy, and Saudi Arabia’s National strategy on Data and Artificial Intelligence aiming to train 20,000 AI experts. Our partnership with CertNexus enables us to deliver innovative and practical digital training across industries, to upskill both individuals and organisations in creating a truly future-ready workforce for the region.”

Jeff Felice, President of CertNexus said: “The transformation of businesses around the world has been fast tracked to the extent that digital skills are now no longer an option in the workplace, but a necessity. PwC’s Academy has been guiding organisations through this transformation, offering digital skills training that incorporates the CertNexus portfolio to ensure effective and immediate upskilling. We are delighted to recognise their considerable success through our annual global awards.”

This article has also been published in: 4.0 Revolution, Al Press, Business Transformation

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