PwC’s Academy launches accredited CMI qualification.

PwC’s Academy, the talent and skills development business of PwC, has recently been recognized as an approved center offering the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification in the Middle East. This professional qualification will develop core management skills, and enable aspiring leaders to acquire globally recognized accreditation.

Launching as a public course in February, the Level 5 diploma in management and leadership is designed to give participants the skills and competencies needed to become an effective manager. Live online training will be delivered through a flexible, bite-sized modular program over a one-year period. Upon completion, participants will be one step closer to CMI’s prestigious Chartered Manager status.

Amanda Line, partner at PwC’s Academy, said: “Leadership is required in all areas of an organization, no matter the industry, to set direction and unlock the greatest potential in teams. The CMI qualification not only equips participants with cross-functional management skills that form the building blocks of leadership, but the fact that this is a globally recognized accreditation also adds confidence to both participants and companies.”

The Level 5 diploma covers core subjects including finance management, project management, planning and procuring, and the principles of management and leadership. Participants can continue to progress through the CMI qualification by earning an award, certificate or diploma, depending on their professional goals.

PwC’s Academy will also offer Level 3 and Level 7 CMI qualifications as in-house training for organizations across the Middle East.

Winston Jacob, head of employer and partner provider relations at CMI, said: “Our mission at CMI is, and has been for the past 70 years, to raise the quality and standard of management in the workplace. We are delighted to partner with PwC’s Academy in the Middle East to offer a number of our globally recognized qualifications, and at a time that has never been more critical for the development of our future leaders.”

This article has also been published in: Arab News, Zawya, Press Release Network, Al-Fajr news, Al Yammah News, Entrepreneur Al Arabiya, Al Iktissad Wal Amal

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