Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) is igniting the digital future of the UAE's banking sector by empowering its own workforce.

This originally appeared in Khaleej Times, Al Bayan and other publications.

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) is igniting the digital future of the UAE's banking sector by empowering its own workforce. In collaboration with PwC's Academy, the talent and skills development business of PwC, the bank has launched a transformative Digital Accelerator Programme, designed to equip its employees with the digital competencies and expertise to drive innovation, enhance their skills, and bring their creative solutions to life. The initiative represents a significant investment in CBD's employees, fueling their potential to drive change and shape the digital banking landscape.

Over 40 employees across different levels of CBD have been selected to participate in the 12-week programme, which combines immersive virtual reality workshops, AI simulations, and more to enhance their digital skills and knowledge. The programme culminates in presentations from the participants to a panel of senior leaders from CBD and PwC, showcasing the impact of the programme and the innovation that has been unleashed.

"The Digital Accelerator Programme is a significant step forward in our digital journey," said Dr. Bernd van Linder, CEO of Commercial Bank of Dubai. "By investing in our employees, we are providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources to drive innovation and support our digital strategy. I am looking forward to seeing the impactful solutions that our participants will create and the positive influence they will have on our organisation and the digital landscape."

Gavin Aspden, Partner, PwC’s Academy added: "Digital transformation is key to CBD’s growth, and we are so pleased to contribute to this strategic initiative. Our action-packed programme will not only upskill their digital accelerators but also transform their way of working, enabling them to drive real impact across the organisation."

The Digital Accelerator Programme aligns with the UAE's Digital Strategy 2025, which aims to prepare all sectors for the digital age and reinforces CBD’s commitment to empowering its employees and securing its position as a leader in the digital banking landscape.


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