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Priyam Mahajan
Priyam Mahajan

Priyam is the Head of Marketing for PwC’s Academy Middle East. She is a senior marketing practitioner with over 12+ years of experience in marketing to consumer and corporates. She is a seasoned trainer for CIM qualification course and has delivered training progammes to clients and to our internal business functions on a range of marketing theories, applications and best practices.

Areas of Expertise
Strategic marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Marketing planning
Innovation in marketing
Community management
Relationship marketing
Profile summary

Priyam has been associated with PwC’s Academy for the past 5 years where she has been instrumental in establishing a 360 degree marketing function for the Academy and has led its B2B and B2C marketing strategy, implementation and control. Prior to this, she  worked as the Head of Marketing and Sales for an education business in the region and with a media and CXO community engagement firm in India.