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John Macdonald
John Macdonald

John is a senior human resource consultant, executive coach and trainer at PwC’s Academy. He is a seasoned HR leader with 30 years' progressive experience across the full spectrum of HR management in the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the USA. His core areas of expertise focusses on training and development of HR professionals, remuneration and HR consulting  support for businesses across a wide spectrum of strategic human resource management, compensation and benefits, leadership development and executive coaching.

Areas of Expertise
Reward Management
Job Evaluation
Salary & Benefits Design
Performance Management
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Profile summary

As a former senior executive in HR management, John has led multi-cultural HR teams for most of the past two decades. He has a strong passion for developing the careers of HR professionals through training, coaching and mentoring. In addition, as a qualified coach, he designs and runs ILM-accredited courses in coaching and mentoring.