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Clair Hattle
Clair Hattle

Clair Hattle is a learning and development specialist and instructional design manager at PwC’s Academy. She is also a highly experienced trainer, delivering training extensively in the GCC region, and internationally. Clair has over 18 years’ experience in learning and development gained in Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. Clair has worked within a number of industry sectors, including hospitality & catering, banking, social work, education and management consulting.  With 8 years’ experience at Board level, Clair brings a solid understanding of the importance of making an impact with each and every learning intervention.

Areas of Expertise
Learning and Development
Instructional Design
People and Talent Management
Change Management
Trainer Training
Decision making
Business Writing
Communication & Negotiation Skills
Profile summary

Clair was the founder and executive director of SMARTERtcm Education Management Consultancy, focused on delivering effective results for high-performing international clients. She regularly worked as a lead trainer with various divisions of Cambridge University. She has extensive experience with education providers and projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries.