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Ali Mehdi
Ali Mehdi

Ali is a professional qualifications and corporate trainer at PwC’s Academy. He holds over six years of experience in designing and delivering trainings for UAE-GCC region and international clients on technical areas such as IFRS, VAT , corporate finance, international trade, cash flow modelling, corporate governance codes, sustainability and ethics, business management and soft skills. Besides an experienced trainer, Ali is also an experienced Tax consultant and an Entrepreneur.

Areas of Expertise
Corporate Finance
Business Management
Management Accounting
Financial Accounting
International Trade
Cash Flow Modelling
Profile summary

Ali’s training methodology stems from his wide range experience in the fields of finance, taxation, and working in multicultural environments, while dealing with all levels of an organisation. As a result, Ali’s training sessions are highly successful.

He has practically performed functions that included IFRS, ERP systems, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Internal Auditing, Corporate Finance and Managerial roles. This enables him to give further practical and technical insights while delivering his training sessions.

Ali has successfully delivered trainings to several high profile clients in UAE, KSA & MENA region on technical areas including FNFP, VAT & IFRS.

Ali is passionate about leadership and believes in fostering strong professional relationships based on respect and mutual benefits. He ambitiously leads his own organisation’s operations in UAE and contributes, together with board members, in policy making and strategic planning. In addition to training with PwC’s Academy, Ali founded his own ASA Tax & Management Consultancy in Dubai.