GenAIBIZ offers business professionals with the ability to describe the fundamentals of AI and generative AI; generate text, code, images, video, and audio using generative AI; identify the challenges of generative AI; and implement organisational strategies for generative AI. This exam will certify that the candidate has an understanding of what generative AI is, how it relates to and can benefit business functions, how to identify potential risks, and how to identify the challenges and milestones of implementing generative AI and becoming a generative AI–driven organisation.

Who is it for

The GenAIBIZ assessment is primarily designed for business leaders, consultants, product and project managers, and other decision makers who are interested in growing the business by leveraging the power of generative AI. Other business professionals who wish to explore generative AI solutions are also candidates for this assessment.

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More about the Qualification

The GenAIBIZ qualification is accredited by CertNexus, a global certification body of vendor-neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for Business, Data, Development, IT, and Security professionals.You can learn more about the qualification here.

CertNexus partners with leading companies to produce, market, distribute, and service CertNexus emerging technology training and certification solutions globally. Learn more here.

Course structure

AI Fundamentals
Generating Text Using AI
Generating Code Using AI
Generating Images and Video Using AI
Generating Audio Using AI
Identifying Challenges of Generative AI
Implementing Business Strategies for Generative AI

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