The Great resignation is now leading to the Great Reshuffle. Opportunities abound for those who have the right skills and talent for the new-age economy. Investing in your upskilling today isn't a choice any longer, it’s the sureshot way to prepare yourself for a better tomorrow. 

So why is upskilling so key today for the future you:

  1. Future proof yourself, today 

With upskilling, you gain a greater bargaining power which allows you to grow and diversify your skillset at a more advanced rate which further helps in easing the transition to a new job, a new company, or a new career path altogether.

  1. Get a head-start on your competition

The job market is booming with many job opportunities available, use upskilling as your way of standing out from the crowd. PwC Middle East Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022 shows that 38% of the respondents in the Middle East have said their companies had increased salaries as a retention strategy to retain skilled workers. Valued workers are getting better employment opportunities and benefits in the market, so make sure to take the opportunity to upskill and stand out.

  1. Meet new people and network

Whether virtual or face-to-face, classes and training are a great way to meet like-minded ambitious peers. Inspire others and be inspired by their learning journeys. It’s a great way to build your network to further your future career prospects as well. 

  1. Take your career to the next level

Enrol yourself in a professional qualification today to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and align it with the role you’re aspiring to. The credibility of studying towards or holding a professional qualification opens doors and starts conversations that can help you accelerate your career. 

  1. Organisations are investing in their employees

Organisations need a strong and capable workforce in order to grow and they are responding to this by upskilling employees to close the skills gap and by taking greater care of their mental and physical wellbeing. Use this opportunity to have a conversation with your employer to identify the best fit of upskilling to further your career.


The world of work is changing, and to stay relevant to your industry, it is vital to take the opportunity to upskill today through enrolling in a professional qualification programme that can meet your needs and demands, whether that is enhancing your employability quotient or taking on a new job role.

Find out more about enrolling in a professional qualification programme this summer that gives you an upskilling experience like no other.


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