ABCIn today's dynamic tax landscape, staying ahead is not just an advantage—it's a necessity . Meet Najla Al Mheiri, an ambitious 19 year old student majoring in Data Science at the Zayed University. As one of our youngest UAE VAT Compliance Diploma students, Najla embarked on the upskilling journey to delve into the ever-changing world of tax. The UAE VAT Compliance Diploma  is a globally recognised tax qualification awarded by the ATT that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to implement the VAT legislation for their respective organisation and enables them to ensure that their businesses are tax compliant.   
Here’s how the qualification helped Najla during her university journey.

Why the UAE VAT compliance qualification?

I chose to pursue the qualification due to its strategic advantage, making me a sought-after candidate who not only understands the present intricacies of VAT but is poised to adapt seamlessly to the ever-shifting regulatory terrain

Why do you think tax upskilling is becoming significant in the UAE?

I believe that tax upskilling is crucial in the UAE due to the evolving tax regulations. As business landscapes transform, professionals need to navigate complex tax frameworks, making upskilling vital for compliance and financial management.

What piece of advice would you give to your fellow students?

Navigating a class with accounting experts while being the youngest could have been daunting. Instead, I turned these differences into strengths. My advice to peers would be to not compare and hold back your limitless potential; instead, embrace your unique journey!


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