Introducing Joan Fhaili, Bachelor’s student at American University of Sharjah who pursued the CFA qualification at the Academy alongside completing her degree and accelerated her career pathway. Read her story below to learn how attaining a professional qualification whilst at university helped pave her route to success. 

“Upskilling has become vital in today’s world, due to the growing digital technologies and innovation. It gives graduates an opportunity to boost our skillset and accelerate our career journey. 

The collaboration between PwC’s Academy and AUS gave me the opportunity to do just that. 

CFA qualification is a very important certificate to hold, especially nowadays. As an Economic Major, I felt that the CFA qualification goes hand in hand with my degree. It helped me gain broad knowledge and skills in both areas that I can apply to my daily work. Moreover, it gave me an advantage over other candidates and helped accelerate my career journey.

Many of my friends from University were pursuing their CFA certification and were taking classes with the PwC’s Academy, which encouraged and motivated me to pursue the qualification as well with the Academy.

My experience with the academy has been amazing! I really enjoyed my classes and how the trainers give the students constant support and help in dissecting information that is required to pass the exams, even if some of the things were relevantly new to me. 

I would definitely recommend the course to my friends and colleagues so they have a chance to upskill too!” 



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