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Five technologies that have transformed HR

HR has embraced technology and recognised the power of Big Data as it has helped HR transform from a monotonous and administration based activity to into an insight-led, technologically driven, strategic activity.

Here’s a list of five technology driven disruptions that have changed the face of HR:

Data analytics: Analyses previously impossible because of a lack of data can now be completed within seconds. Data analytics has improved the standard of decision making as business leaders are able to make data-driven, fact-based decisions instead of relying on potentially biased opinions.

e-Recruitment: Some studies suggest that online recruiting can reduce recruitment costs by up to $8,000 per hire. With a potentially global reach, the search for talent, particularly for specialised roles has become easier than ever before. The trend has now evolved into a focus on data driven recruitment.

HR portals: One of the greatest technological achievements was the democratisation of HR data. With the introduction of user-friendly employee and manager self-service portals, staff have become self-reliant for many HR transactions such as personal data management, leave approvals, employee reports, and to some extent even performance management.

HR Information Systems (HRIS): Once organisations commit to implement technology as part of their overall HR strategy, HRIS is usually one of the first solutions. Usually part of enterprise-wide solutions, these HR systems help reduce time and effort spent on the monotonous, paper-intensive activities.

Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS): PwC’ HR technology survey has found that 44% of organisations now use the cloud for HR, and another 30% plan to move to cloud in the next three years. With clouds accessible from the web and any mobile device, HR data is now available on one click. Technology has and continues to change the face of HR as organisations pursue cost savings and set their sights on innovation and mobility. It remains at the top of CHRO agendas, and has the potential to continue to transform the way organisation manage and communicate with their people.

- Kavita Gaglani, Course Manager at PwC’s Academy and member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)


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