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Welcome to PwC’s Academy #ConversationIntoPractice video series!


Dive into our video series where PwC partners and thought leaders from different industries and government organizations share valuable insights on the top priorities in the Middle East. From discussing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices to navigating the maze of upskilling opportunities, nationalization imperatives, tax game-changers, and the digital transformation - we’ve got it all covered. 

In each episode, we bring you insightful discussions, expert interviews and practical tips ensuring you not only keep pace but set the pace in the Middle East's dynamic professional landscape. 

Episode 1 - Implementing ESG in the world of Tax

Tax is a crucial part of the ESG conversation. Looking at tax reporting through an ESG lens can help businesses build trust and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It starts with a conversation. But how do we take it from there?  
Hear from Amal Larhlid, PwC Partner, who has worked in 40 countries, speaks 6 languages and is a licensed Pilot sharing her valuable insights with Ali Mehdi Abbas, Head of Tax Training at PwC’s Academy.

Episode 2 - What is Pillar Two?

140 countries have committed to fundamental changes to the international corporate tax system through the adoption of a two-pillar plan. Our guest in this episode, Chris Maycroft, Director of International and M&A Tax at PwC Middle East, dives into the fundamentals of Pillar Two and how this new global minimum effective tax rate of 15%, will affect businesses in the Middle East.

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