In the era of rapid transformation and the constant evolution of financial practices, it is imperative to invest in upskilling yourself and improving your financial credentials to align with the demands of the industry and the strategic goals of the organization.


Meet Yousuf Al-Hamdani, Senior Associate at PwC Middle East, with an educational background in Accounting and Finance. Yousuf conducts audits of financial statements for clients, ensures their compliance with regulatory requirements, identifies risks, and provides recommendations for improvement. He is also an ACCA Affiliate and embarked on the upskilling journey to further strengthen his knowledge in the field. 


Why the ACCA qualification? 

I chose to pursue the ACCA qualification due to its global recognition and relevance in the field. As an external auditor, I wanted to expand my knowledge and expertise beyond my core role and develop a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and practices. The ACCA qualification offered a well-structured curriculum that aligned with my career aspirations and provided me with the necessary skills to excel in my field. 

What impact has this qualification had on your career?

The ACCA qualification has been instrumental in my career growth as a Senior Associate in Audit. It has provided me with a solid foundation of technical knowledge, enabling me to perform audits with confidence. The comprehensive understanding of financial reporting standards and regulatory frameworks that I gained through the ACCA curriculum has been invaluable in delivering high-quality audit services and providing deeper insights to both my teams and my clients in my engagements. Additionally, the qualification's emphasis on professional ethics and integrity has strengthened my ability to make sound judgments and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

Tell us about your experience with PwC’s Academy

PwC's Academy has been a vital resource throughout my ACCA journey, supporting my professional development and exam preparation. The Academy offers tailored study materials and resources, including comprehensive textbooks, mock exams, and question-based reviews, which have helped me effectively grasp and apply complex accounting concepts. The guidance and expertise of PwC's experienced instructors have been exemplified in their ability to clarify and provide practical insights when discussing complex topics and scenarios. Furthermore, the Academy's supportive learning environment helped enhance my overall learning experience.

Any word of advice for other students pursuing the qualification?

I would say that the road to achieving the qualification is not an easy journey. There are times where you will feel like you want to give up, especially in our busier seasons when it becomes more difficult to balance between our work obligations and our professional development. My best advice to every person pursuing this qualification is to picture your end goal and why you want your ACCA membership. Failing is part of the process, so it is key that you learn from every failure and not let it affect your determination for too long. Finally, keep learning and growing!


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