In the age of digital transformation and continuous change in marketing trends, it is important to upskill yourself and improve your marketing credentials to be in line with consumer expectations and company’s agenda. Meet our CIM L7 Marketing Leadership Programme student and marketer, Fiona Johnston, who is working towards upskilling herself to keep up with the changing marketing trends and meet customer expectations.

Why CIM L7?

CIM L7 is a Marketing Leadership Programme that is equivalent to a Masters Degree in Marketing, and having finished my level 6 in 2021, I thought of no better way to upskill while furthering my career to the next level.

How do you think it's helped you in your marketing career?

As a marketer, level 7 has not only helped in enhancing my management and organisational skills but has helped me assert myself through a more strategic approach towards my company’s marketing strategy.

Why do you think it's important to upskill in marketing

Marketing helps in understanding the requirements and needs of consumers, and as the needs are continually changing with the marketing trends, it is vital to upskill yourself to understand this continuous change in need better and help in adjusting the company’s marketing strategy accordingly.

What's next for you?

Next in my upskilling journey is to complete my Level 7 in 2023 and take my career to the next level while developing the company’s marketing strategy through a strategic approach.



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