The Kingdom has set ambitious goals through its Vision 2030 initiative, aiming to diversify its economy and create a vibrant society. The recent CIPD graduates play a crucial role in realising this vision. By investing in their own development, these professionals are better positioned to drive organisational excellence, foster talent development, and contribute to the overall growth and transformation of the Kingdom's workforce.

In a momentous celebration, we recently celebrated 45+ HR and L&D professionals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for achieving a significant milestone - the successful completion of the coveted CIPD qualification. This remarkable event not only marked the individual achievements of these professionals but also highlighted their dedication to enhancing their skills and contributing to the transformative vision of the Kingdom.

"In advancing our commitment to human capital development in the Kingdom, providing CIPD qualifications stands as a cornerstone in realising Vision 2030's ambitious goals. Through CIPD qualifications, we pave the way for a skilled and adaptable workforce that propels Saudi Arabia towards a prosperous and knowledge-driven future, echoing the vision's emphasis on human development as a key driver of economic and social progress." - Failan Saleem, Head of CIPD, CIM, CMI qualifications at PwC’s Academy

As these professionals embark on the next phase of their careers, and join our strong CIPD community in the region, we remain committed to supporting their ongoing development and look forward to witnessing the continued success of these graduates in shaping the future of HR and L&D. 

Congratulations to all the graduates for their outstanding accomplishments, and here's to a future where their expertise propels the Kingdom towards greater heights in line with Vision 2030!

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