Now, more than ever before, has the role of a ‘good leader and good manager’ been highlighted in organisations across the world.

Now, more than ever before, has the role of a ‘good leader and good manager’ been highlighted in organisations across the world. Given the unprecedented times that businesses are currently functioning in, managers need to not just adapt to changing leadership styles, but also to be strategic and visionary in their outlook, and agile in their management style. The challenges of today’s economy also presents opportunities for growth and success. And a qualification from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) may just be the answer to upskilling yourself for a future-fit workforce.

So what are the benefits to becoming a Chartered manager apart from the initials added to your name?

Increases self-awareness

91% Chartered Managers find that they have better self-awareness. To become a great leader, it is imperative to be aware of your capabilities and the contribution you make to the workplace. The journey towards becoming a Chartered Manager involves a process of self-reflection that enables you to be more conscious about yourself. You discover your strengths, and your unique style of leadership which helps you become a better team leader as well.

Improves professional development and enhances your skill-set

The CMI qualification is a path towards professional development. During this time, you are equipped with the key skills that will help you take the next step on your leadership journey. 81% of Chartered Managers believe that the CMI qualification has helped improve their managerial skills.

Saves your workplace from the ‘accidental manager’ dilemma

Most workplaces have one; a top performer who has delivered well in their current role and has now been pushed up the management ladder, even though they are not ready.

Many a times, these new managers often receive little to no management training from their employer and have no proven track record of being an effective manager.

The training and development that Chartered Managers undergo, helps them perform much better at their roles. 83% of Chartered Managers say they are more productive as a consequence of their training and development.

Delivers positive results for the organisation

Qualified managers with the right skills and mindset are better equipped to deliver results and fulfill an organisation's vision. The journey towards becoming a Chartered Manager prepares you to work on continuous improvement and fosters a culture of positivity and growth. 78% of Chartered Managers say that since attaining this position, they have had a positive impact on their team as a whole within the organization.

Adds credibility to your work experience

CMI is an internationally recognised qualification that will add substance and credibility to your resume and boost your confidence, both in your current role, or any other job role you are seeking. 95% of Chartered Managers say that the qualification demonstrates their use of managerial skills to achieve organisational results. The CMI covers fundamentals of management and helps managers in acquiring practical, valuable skills and knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

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