The time of the ‘Great Reshuffle’ beckons. The Middle East market especially is growing exponentially and there is a clear demand for qualified professionals with the right skills, knowledge and mindset that give them the competitive edge in the global workforce.Employees with the right skills for the future are in demand…and they know it. So what better way to become that ‘in-demand employee’ than to elevate your career trajectory with a professional qualification. 

Get the most out of your career:

Professional qualifications play a vital role in your career journey - the more qualified you are, the greater your earning potential and opportunity to negotiate a higher salary or a promotion. According to the PwC Middle East Hopes and Fears survey 2022, some 38% of respondents in the Middle East, said their companies had increased salaries as a retention strategy to retain skilled workers. Retaining skilled talent is a better investment for employers than hiring new ones to address talent shortage. And being certified in your field of work may be the advantage you are looking for to get ahead in your career. 

Navigate through a new challenge for personal growth

Professional Qualifications are considered the gold standard of practical application in their relevant field. It gives you on-the-job skills that will help you grow faster and set you apart from your peers.

Feel empowered :

Seeing the letters after your name is a sense of fulfilment like none other. Being qualified is a  stamp of professionalism that makes you stand out - not just amongst your peers, or within your organisation, but on a global scale not just from your peers and organisation, but also on a global level. It makes your profile stand out to recruiters and your social professional network such as Linkedin.

Broaden your career prospects:

 A professional qualification can be a great way to complement your university learning. There is a clear gap between the academic knowledge and practical on-the-job skills, and a professional qualification helps close this gap. In some cases, this can be a route to direct entry to the professional world. It is also a great way to network with students from your industry that can share their knowledge and inspiration while furthering your future career prospects. 


Based on prior learning, you may be eligible for exemption from certain levels or exams depending on the professional qualification you would like to pursue and it does not have to be a long tedious process. You can get exemptions and pursue the qualification while you work. This helps in ensuring you start at the right level of your upskilling journey with PwC’s Academy and invest in a better you as you work.

The world of work is changing - it’s brimming with new opportunities and it’s on you to make the most of it.Invest in your upskilling journey today to be future-fit and achieve your professional dreams - it all starts today. 

Connect with our experts to find out what’s the next step for you - the right qualification, its benefits and the learning options. 


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