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Alicja Reuben
Alicja Reuben

Alicja Reuben is a Trainer at PwC Academy with a total of 5 years client-facing experience in Transfer Pricing. She was engaged as a Professor in the Social Sciences Division at New York University Abu Dhabi and brings 12 years of teaching experience at Columbia Business School, Manhattan College School of Business and New York University Abu Dhabi in the undergraduate, graduate and business executive levels. Her focus during her PhD studies involved the interaction between legal and management fields, particularly focused on Strategic Management. At Manhattan College she broadened her experience to teaching both undergraduate and Master of Business Administration (MBA) level in not only Strategic Management but also Ethics. At New York University Abu Dhabi she expanded the course offerings she taught to include Corporate Finance and Management and Organizations.

Alicja’s extensive experience at the Big 4 provides her with a  practical perspective shared by few Corporate Trainers. Alicja is vastly familiar with business problems from a hands-on perspective, having worked with clients in various industries and stages of operations. Her experience is even more diverse due to the fact that she worked at the Big 4 at different levels of career advancement, from Consultant to Senior Manager. Alicja spend 9 years studying and working in Manhattan, New York City, USA.

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Doctor in Philosophy (PhD) in Management, Columbia University

Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS ) in International Political Economy, Georgetown University