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The Millennial Dilemma- Careers of the future
Event description

“The unique characteristics of millennials demand a different strategic approach to recruitment and retention. Millennials are looking for more in life than ‘just a job; or a steady climb through the corporate ranks. They want to do something that feels worthwhile, they take into account the values of the company when considering a job and they are often motivated by more than money”- PwC report: Millennials at work.

How are business leaders responding to this? What are the needs of millennials? What are organisations doing to adapt to these needs? How should millennials develop these needs to grow into the professional they aspire to be?

Here is your chance to get these answers!

PwC’s Academy is pleased to present the first annual Middle East Career Conference. This conference will focus on addressing the burning issues for millennials – education and career prospects.

Conference Agenda


Why should you attend?
  • Understand how emotional intelligence works and why it is important to personal and professional success
  • Learn how to prepare a professional resume that highlights skills relevant to the job description
  • Learn more on the key findings of PwC’s Middle East CEO survey
  • Understand what employers are looking for when they hire millennials and how you can be that employee
  • Engage in a panel discussion on skills and education needed to get a dream job

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