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Implications of technology trends on accountants

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Digital transformation is growing at an unprecedented rate in the finance industry, leading to opportunities for faster, cost-effective operations, improved data management and experiences. 

How does this impact the accountants of today?

Join our live online webinar on the Implications of technology trends on accountants on 26 April from 4-5pm (GMT+4). In the webinar you will get an opportunity to increase your knowledge, develop broader technology skills and understand how technology can create value for you and your organisation. 

5 reasons to attend the webinar!

This webinar will help you:

  1. Understand how digital technology is disrupting the finance profession

  2. Increase awareness on emerging technologies

  3. Understand what digitalisation can mean for their roles and how to make informed Decisions about adopting and using new technologies

  4. Develop a digital mindset to take a considered view of the emerging technologies

  5. Stay up to date in this ever-changing and fast-moving area.

Meet the speaker

Semih Kumluk, Ph.D. (abd) M.Sc. CAIP

Semih is the Digital Training Manager at PwC’s Academy. He is a well versed professional with work experience spanning over 10 years in FMCG, telecommunications and consultancy. He has delivered many training programmes on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Design Thinking, Branding, Project Management and other subjects in his areas of expertise. Semih is a strong advocate of emerging technologies and digitalisation, remains actively involved in discussions around the early adaptation of these technologies and aspires to inspire others to improve their knowledge. 

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