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We are pleased to partner with IMA Middle East to bring to you the Professional Accountant series; A webinar series with a range of topics that will help management accountants excel in their careers. 4 insightful topics, multiple expert speakers, and a series of engaging Q&A sessions; These webinars are your opportunity to engage with leading experts from PwC, IMA and practising professionals from different backgrounds, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of accountancy and finance and learn about the benefits of earning the CMA credentials. 

The impact of digital is growing at an unprecedented rate across all fields, but what is the actual impact on the role of an accountant and how are the organisations and individuals keeping up? 

A qualification not only prepares professionals to learn about the latest trends but also gives them the hands-on experience they need to implement them. The CMA qualification, accredited by IMA, is one  that embodies all the key competencies required to be a professional in this era of digital transformation, covering key skills such as data analysis and business analytics.

Why should you attend the event?

Join our webinar on to learn:

  • What the role of technology is in the field of accounting and what the impact is going to be in the years to come
  • Learn about key skills such as data analytics and business analytics
  • How the CMA qualification will help you become the ‘digital accountant’ companies are looking for today  

Huzefa Hydrie

Huzefa delivers a range of accounting and finance courses at PwC’s Academy, including CMA, ACCA, ASC, CIMA  qualifications. Huzefa has exceptional pass rates and this is due to his ability to deliver complex technical topics in an easy manner coupled with accelerated learning methodologies and exam strategies. 

Ahmad Mkhallati

As IMA’s Director of Regional Partner Relations, Ahmad is responsible for managing all of IMAs strategic partners, government relations and training partners in the Middle East, Africa, India, and SouthEast Asia. As an expert in adult learning, finance and accounting training and international development, Ahmad brings a wealth of experience and insights into how to motivate adult professionals to learn, how to focus individuals on tasks at hand and how to ensure success. 

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