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A career in taxation: All you need to know

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PwC's Academy
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With over one year into VAT implementation, where do you stand?

Boost your career and become a VAT expert with the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma. The region's premier VAT qualification awarded by the ATT  is also the path to becoming an FTA Tax Agent. 

Join PwC's Academy for a free session on 23 April 2019, 6.30pm - 8.30pm to find how you can advance your taxation career.


Why should you attend?

Hosted by a PwC Tax training expert with 7+ years of VAT related experience, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about

— Roles and Responsibilities of different career paths in VAT:

  • Tax Agent
  • Tax (VAT) Advisor
  • VAT compliance specialist 
  • In-house VAT specialist
  • Tax (VAT trainer)
  • Tax Expert 

— The classroom programme of the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma

— Career paths after completing the diploma

— How to add value to your CV if your job involves working in Accounting, Finance or Taxation

Speaker Profile

Halil Erdem

Halil is a Tax Manager at PwC’s Academy. He brings 7 years of consultancy experience to his role as a subject matter expert and as a tax lecturer. Halil’s focus is on the development and delivery of a range of customised tax programmes, with his current focus on VAT implementation in the GCC region and Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT). Besides his extensive consultancy experience in VAT in Europe for clients in various industries, Halil has also worked during the implementation phase of VAT in the UAE and KSA, in the role of an external and in-house VAT Manager. Halil spent the last 12 years living and working in the Netherlands.. Read more

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