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Capital budgeting and risk analysis using Excel

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The long term capex decisions could be the true source of sustainable growth or cause of a premature failure of an organisation. You should have a strong grasp of spreadsheets and a fundamental knowledge of the tenets of capital budgeting to understand and overcome the challenges posed by an uncertain future. 

Join us for our live online workshop with our experts on 1 September to get a strong grasp of capital budgeting techniques and risk analysis using Excel.* This workshop enables you to deploy capital budgeting techniques on real life capex decisions while simulating challenges of reality. You will learn about forecasting ‘relevant cash flows’, quantifying risk and determining cost of capital to apply a host of capital budgeting techniques. 

This workshop is exclusively for PwC’s Academy students.*

Key outcomes;By the end of this workshop, you will:
  • Understand the nature of project at hand
  • Determine the decision useful pieces of information and its sources
  • Understand project externalities and sequencing
  • Analyze information to forecast relevant cash flows
  • Quantify risk and determining cost of capital 
  • Calculate project specific cost of capital
  • Complete NPV and IRR analysis
  • Complete Sensitivity and scenario analysis
  • Learn Application of Monte Carlo Simulation techniques to understand risk
  • Calculate 95% VaR for NPV

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