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Are the CIPD qualifications right for you?

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Abu Dhabi
PwC's Academy
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Did you know the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is one of the world's oldest professional bodies for HR and people development with over 2,500 members in the Middle East?

Here is your chance to become a member of this prestigious community.

Join us in Abu Dhabi at PwC's Academy, Abu Dhabi Trade Centre, East Tower, 6th floor for a CIPD seminar. PwC's Academy, a CIPD Approved Centre, is pleased to offer you this opportunity to engage with aspiring CIPD members and trainers, to understand the qualification and its impact on your professional growth.

5 reasons why you must attend this session:
  1. Assess whether CIPD is the right qualification for you
  2. Discuss the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required from HR professionals at various stages of their careers
  3. Network with fellow HR professionals, aspiring CIPD participants, and PwC's Academy faculty 
  4. Learn how PwC's Academy can help you earn the CIPD qualification 
  5. Register for our upcoming programmes and get special discounts

Seats strictly on first come first serve basis.

Ask our HR experts if the CIPD qualifications are right for you.

Take this short survey that will help you decide if you should pursue CIPD.


About our CIPD Programme

PwC’s Academy is an Approved Centre for CIPD. With the highest number of face-to-face contact hours in the Middle East, we offer unparalleled support to ensure that candidates have all the knowledge, skills and training to become CIPD qualified. To learn more about our CIPD programme, Click here.


Failan Saleem

Failan is the Marketing Manager at the PwC’s Academy Middle East, overseeing the marketing function with additional responsibility of spearheading the launch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualifications. A propeller of innovation possessing hybrid leadership qualities and competencies that include disruptive thinking, building long-term trust in people, and selfless commitment to maintaining and improving ROI. Read more

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