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UoL International Foundation Programme (IFP)

PwC's Academy, a GEMS Uniconnect Partner, has partnered with UoL to bring you the UoL International Foundation Programme (IFP), a one year academic programme which has been designed to equip high school students with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them progress to either degree-level study at a top university in the UK, Canada, Australia, United States or UAE or onto a prestigious Professional Accountancy qualification such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

The winning combination of University of London and PwC’s Academy will provide you with the opportunity to get ahead in your academic journey.

UoL International Foundation Programme (IFP)

The International Foundation Programme provides an ideal route to a variety of undergraduate programmes in the UK and worldwide including the USA and Canada.This has become an increasingly popular alternative choice over the last few years.

PwC’s Academy has been awarded with the Recognised Teaching Centre status by the University of London. The winning combination of University of London and PwC’s Academy will provide you with the opportunity to get ahead in your academic journey.

We will guide you through your studies and provide a rich learning environment supported by the University of London IFP team and online resources. We will also, if necessary, work with you to improve your level of English and complete any University application to increase your chances of being offered a place at a top university or professional training institute.

This is your chance to shape your future!


UoL International Foundation Programme (IFP)

At PwC’s Academy our focus is to make sure students have all the knowledge and exam technique needed to successfully complete the IFP programme. Our core objective is to help students pass their exams and gain admission into a university of their choice.

The Academy’s building and facilities will be available outside class time for students to undertake independent study, prepare for exams and make use of ‘study buddy’ assistance. 

Why should you study with us?

1. UoL approved trainers with 40+ years of combined industry experience

2. Only Recognised Teaching Centre for IFP in UAE

3. Access to one-on-one mentoring sessions, exclusive study materials, online support and more

4. Value added courses such as employability training, interviewing skills, content generation and more

5. Counseling and guidance on university applications

6. Dynamic learning experience in our state-of-the-art premises conveniently located in Downtown Dubai

UoL International Foundation Programme (IFP)

The programme is an excellent bridge for those who wish to study overseas. The subjects are more relevant to most undergraduate university degrees and provide you with the necessary knowledge for your future studies.

UoL International Foundation Programme (IFP)

We will consider all international high school results where students have achieved very good grades, especially in the subjects relevant to their intended IFP courses. Students should be 17 years of age as on December 2019 and have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0. Students must also have passed minimum of at least four separate subjects at GCSE/ GCE O level, with grades A-C or the equivalent. Suitability for the programme will be assessed on an individual case basis.

University of London (UoL), one of the world’s leading universities, is internationally recongised for its high academic standards. An academic award from the University of London is a mark of excellence, respected byemployers and universities worldwide.This is because the University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its high academic standards. This reputation is based on the outstanding teaching and research of its 17 independent member institutions and 9 specialist institutes.

Since 1858, University of London degrees have been accessible to students all over the world. 
In 2013, the University of London launched its International Foundation Programme, a challenging and inspiring programme designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for rigorous undergraduate study.

Students who have completed the IFP have gone on to study with the University of London and at many other universities in the UK and worldwide.
For more information on the International Foundation Programme, visit: London.ac.uk/courses/international-foundation programme.

Course structure

The International Foundation Programme is a challenging and inspiring programme that has been designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for rigorous undergraduate study and/or the PwC YES programme. Students must take a total of four courses. Refer to the brochure for more details.

Mathematics and Statistics (MS)

This course offers an overview of key mathematical methods and statistical concepts frequently applied to economics, management, finance and other related areas. Topics include: an overview of arithmetic and algebra, insight into concepts of probability, and an introduction to financial mathematics.

Economics (EC)

This course offers a broad overview of key economic concepts and their applications in everyday situations and current economic affairs. Topics include: an introduction to the nature and scope of economics, competitive markets, market failure and government intervention, and development and sustainability of the recent financial and economic crisis.

Accounting and Finance (AF)

This is the foundation course on which subsequent, more specialised university level courses are based on. Topics include: financial accounting and reporting, interpretation of financial statements, and management accounting and finance.

Law (LA)

This course is an introduction to law and suited to all students seeking to gain a general or deeper understanding of the subject before going to university and/or doing a Professional Qualification who would need to study law at a higher level.

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