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Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Digital transformation is set to revolutionise the economic landscape in the Middle East.

At PwC, we help our clients unlock the potential of digital to transform what they do, and how they do it. We have a proven track record of helping solve tomorrow’s problems today and we believe training and ongoing education is at the heart of this.

PwC’s Academy, the education and training business of PwC, has designed a suite of digital training courses for all levels of staff. Our goal is simple: to equip our clients with the knowledge and skills to embrace the many challenges of this new digital age.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is an application focused intermediate course on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
In this course, participants will get an immersive experience that will help them develop the skills and tools required to create their own AI projects. They will experiment with concepts such as linear regression, classification and back propagation.
Participants will also put data to work by practicing on Python, Tensorflow and MatLab, and will walk through some real world machine learning implementations.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This course is ideal for participants who have completed the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) course. It is suitable for anyone who wants an understanding of AI and is interested to explore its uses and advantages for their organisation.

By the end of this course, participants will develop a deep understanding of AI and learn how each AI brand applies to a particular challenge. Participants will be well placed to identify the best AI approach for their business unit or organisation.

Course structure

In this course, participants will cover:

102 Labs

Implement machine learning

Natural language recognition

Facial recognition


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