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Robotic Process Automation
RPA Fundamentals

RPA is among the most important and most promising emerging technologies of our day. It offers a lot of value for the businesses and individuals who know how to use RPA in their operations.
With this in mind, PwC’s Academy, the education and training business of PwC, has designed a suite of fit-for-purpose RPA Fundamentals course to make professionals understand what AI offers and how their businesses can benefit from it.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course is designed to show the participants how RPA can transform business processes by eliminating the mundane, time-consuming, manual tasks that professionals complete; enabling them more time to focus on critical thinking. The course will also include guidelines on selecting the appropriate processes for automation, as well as strategies for successful RPA implementations.


  • Gain a clear understanding about the RPA industry and benefits.
  • Understand the limits and constraints of automation.
  • Differentiate between RPA and AI.
  • Identify potential uses and the benefits of robotic process automation.
  • Learn from hands on teaching a robot.
  • Identify the different steps of an implementation.
  • Prepare a business case and ROI for an RPA project.
  • Ability to create an RPA strategy and drive an RPA project.
  • Learn from banking industry use cases.
Robotic Process Automation

This course is ideal for business professionals who do not have a technical / IT background, irrespective of whether they are at entry level or are experienced professionals, who are looking to understand Robotic Process Automation Intelligence and learn some of the applications of those concepts in their organisations

Course structure

Introduction to RPA

  • How RPA works?
  • RPA Market and history
  • Importance and Benefits of RPA
  • RPA and AI

RPA Fundamentals

  • Levels of Automation
  • Types of bots
  • Use cases from banking industry

Process fit for RPA

  • RPA preparation
  • Opportunity and requirements assessment
  • Selecting the appropriate processes for automation
  • Potential processes in banking

Teaching a Robot (hands on learning)

  • Identifying steps in a process
  • Process flow documentation
  • Recording the process

RPA Implementation Process

  • Design
  • Build
  • Test

RPA Journey

  • RPA roles and skills
  • Impact and ROI assessment
  • RPA Tools and selection criteria
  • Developing an RPA Strategy

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