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Cyber Resilience - RESILIA™
Cyber Resilience - RESILIA™
Cyber Resilience - RESILIA™
Digital transformation is set to revolutionise the economic landscape in the Middle East.

At PwC, we help our clients unlock the potential of digital to transform what they do, and how they do it. We have a proven track record of helping solve tomorrow’s problems today and we believe training and ongoing education is at the heart of this.

PwC’s Academy, the education and training business of PwC, has designed a suite of digital training courses for all levels of staff. Our goal is simple: to equip our clients with the knowledge and skills to embrace the many challenges of this new digital age.

Cyber Resilience - RESILIA™

AXELOS RESILIA™: Cyber Resilience Best Practice is designed to help commercial and government organisations around the world prevent, detect and correct any impact cyber attacks will have on the information required to do business. Adding RESILIA to the existing AXELOS global best practice portfolio, including ITIL® and PRINCE2®, brings a common cyber resilience best practice for security, IT service management and business. Active cyber resilience is achieved through people, process and technology.

The RESILIA™ Foundation & Practitioner course starts by introducing the concepts and foundation cyber resilience knowledge in the Foundation course and helps participants bring that knowledge into practical application through interesting real-life scenarios.

In this course, participants will begin by learning to distinguish among the terms: asset, risk, threat and vulnerability. They will determine the key activities needed to address risks and opportunities and to create and manage a risk register and a risk treatment plan. They will also understand the purpose and use of the control objectives for cyber resilience processes, and the interactions and activities that are aligned with corresponding ITSM activities.

Finally the participants will learn the application of the seven-step improvement process to plan cyber resilience improvements, the ITIL CSI approach to cyber resilience and the segregation of duties and dual controls related to cyber resilience roles and responsibilities.

Cyber Resilience - RESILIA™

This course is ideal for professionals with responsibility for IT and security functions or risk and compliance operations within an organisation.

It is also suitable for other core business areas including HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations and Marketing, or any other function that will benefit from having cyber resilience expertise.

Cyber Resilience - RESILIA™

There are no prerequisites for the foundation exam.

The foundation certificate is required to take the practitioner exam.

AXELOS is a joint venture company, created in 2013 by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc, to manage, develop and grow the Global Best Practice portfolio. AXELOS boasts an already enviable track record and an unmatched portfolio of globally recognized best practice qualifications.

AXELOS is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in project, programme and portfolio management, IT service management and cyber resilience.

The methodologies, including ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP® and our collection of cyber resilience best practice products, RESILIA®, are adopted by private, public and voluntary sectors in more than 150 countries to improve employees’ skills, knowledge and competence in order to make both individuals and organizations work more effectively.

AXELOS is committed to nurturing best practice communities on a global scale. In addition to globally recognized qualifications, AXELOS equips professionals with a wide range of content, templates and toolkits through our CPD aligned AXELOS Membership subscription service and online community of practitioners and experts.

For more details, please visit their website: https://www.axelos.com/resilia

Course structure

In this course, participants will cover

Course overview and introduction

Risk management

Managing cyber resilience

Cyber resilience strategy

Cyber resilience design

Cyber resilience transition

Cyber resilience operation

Cyber resilience continual service improvement

Practitioner examination preparation

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