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PwC’s Academy U0L MSc. Mentoring programme
PwC’s Academy U0L MSc. Mentoring programme
From ACCA to MSc. in Professional Accountancy
From ACCA to MSc. in Professional Accountancy

University of London (UoL) and ACCA have partnered to offer ACCA Affiliates the opportunity to earn an MSc. in Professional Accountancy after completing their ACCA qualification.

The MSc. in Professional Accountancy has been designed to support participants in developing the high-level knowledge and intellectual skills needed for leadership of the finance function in a global context.

PwC’s Academy, Platinum Approved Learning Partner of ACCA, is pleased to introduce the UoL MSc. Mentoring Programme, the first-of-its kind in the region.

PwC’s Academy U0L MSc. Mentoring programme

Our formal Mentoring Programme, led by ACCA training experts and finance professionals, is to help participants navigate their learning journey and earn the coveted degree.

Our MSc. Mentoring programme includes:

  • Regular focus group discussions enabling participants to work in teams and benefit from each other’s experiences
  • Flexible schedules for working professionals
  • Support from programme alumni for more valuable feedback on projects
  • Mentoring on quantitative skills, financial modelling, and business valuations by finance experts
  • Value added courses such as content generation to help participants think creatively in complex business situations
  • Regular mentoring sessions with a dedicated mentor and whatsapp support
  • Mentoring on “Referencing and reading Academic papers” by seasoned mentors
PwC’s Academy U0L MSc. Mentoring programme

The MSc. Mentoring programme is for ACCA Members and Affiliates.

About UoL

Founded in 1836, the University of London is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK. In 1858, the University of London established the University of London International Programmes to make its degrees accessible to students across the world. Many of our past students have shaped the world we live in, including seven Nobel Prize winners and leaders of business, industry and science.

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About ACCA

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is one of the largest and fastest growing global accountancy bodies. ACCA is globally recognised as one of the world's most forward thinking professional bodies. The ACCA qualification will prepare you for business, instilling in you the professional skills, values and ethics to enable you to succeed in international business. ACCA has more than 188,000 fully qualified members and 480,000 students globally.

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