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The Professional Skills Club
The Professional Skills Club
The Professional Skills Club
The Professional Skills Club

An evolving business landscape requires a dynamic, fast paced workforce. In order to survive, thrive, and grow, it is imperative for individuals to possess a blend of technical and soft skills to to become the complete professional.
As part of our commitment to ensure that our students are equipped to succeed in the workplace of the future, we are pleased to introduce the Professional Skills Club; an annual membership plan exclusively for Academy students to supplement their qualification journey and help them future-proof their career.

7 Hands-on workshops
Worth USD 3,000
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The Professional Skills Club

At PwC’s Academy our focus is to make sure our students have all the knowledge and skills they need in the professional world. Our membership is designed to provide them with the very best workshops and online resources for them to gain technical and soft skills.

The Professional Skills Club

The membership is for all professionals and aspiring professionals across fields such as marketing, accounting, finance, HR, management, digital or tax.

Course structure

Storytelling with Data

Hone your story telling abilities using visuals and data to inspire the audience and create lasting impact

Design thinking

A hands-on interactive session using a digital collaboration tool to experience applying the design thinking mindset to solve problems

Introduction to Power BI

Bring data to life and turn data into thoughtful actions using Power BI, one of the most powerful analytics tools

Financial Modelling using Excel

A hands-on workshop to help you advance your practical Excel modeling skills and creating financial models

Fundamentals of VAT

Get all the latest VAT updates, the implications of VAT for business and how to implement them in this introductory VAT session

Machine learning demystified

Deep dive into the world of machine learning; Learn about its significance, how to implement it in day to day tasks

Digital transformation: The role of finance

Digital is here, and it is here to stay. So what does it mean in the world of finance? Get an in-depth insight in the evolving role of finance in the future.

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